Winter Grain Winter News!

Hi Winter Grain friends!  Thank you for the support as always.

1. Again, we are so happy to know amazing people like Mark Romney.  Not only did he design our website (he’s a freelancer so check him out if you need work done) but he’s also quite the talented singer-songwriter as well (Neverland Tourist is his stage moniker).  Thanks again Mark!!

2. Another amazing friend we have is Brian Bingham of The Backyard Revival.  He’s recorded and edited videos from both our SLUG localized and Pale Horse Sound shows.  You can find the SLUG videos here, here, here and here.  His band is having a huge show January 27th you don’t want to miss!

3. Tomorrow night we debut in Ogden at Funk n Dive (21 and older venue) with our friends Folk Hogan.  We are so excited for our “mini tour” with them that starts tomorrow and ends with one more gig Feb. 17th at Ice Haus in Murray (could a tour get any more mini?).  Thanks for letting us play with you guys!

4. We also have more shows on the horizon including Jan 19th in the Avenues SLC (very limited seating so message for details) and Pale Horse Sound Feb. 14 (yep! Valentine’s!) with Tiny Home.  This band is excellence in action.  We are incredibly excited!

5. Finally we want to thank EVERYone we have created with thus far:

**Tara Shupe played mandolin and fiddle on our EP and played with us for much of 2017.  We were so lucky to have her record with us and are excited to see what comes of her solo project.

**Melissa Collins played cello on our EP and has been able to join us for a majority of our gigs. Her melodic choices are stunning and we have been so grateful for her additions. 

**Rob Alvord plays bass with us and fronts the awesome band Fat Candice.  Catch one of his shows!

**Tim Mills makes beautiful cajons and gets to show them off when he plays with us.

**Katya Murafa was a guest violinist for our SLUG show.  She plays with the symphony locally and you can see her accompany belly dancers or play one of her amazing looping shows.

**Scott Klismith has been a friend for a while and we are so happy that he's joined us.  His voice is unmatched and he is a superb songwriter too.

**Ron Reich is our newest addition.  As the original drummer of local faves Mokie we are so excited to have a fuller sound starting tomorrow night in Ogden.

**Tim Neu is another multi instrumentalist in the band but focuses on guitar and vocals with us.  If you like metal then you'll like that he's in a budding new project that is loud, heavy, and really, really cool.

**Emmy and Frannie are two amazing Madeleine Choir School students who joined us for Craft Lake City last year and we are so proud to say we worked with them.  Catch one of their masses if you can...this school is unmatched.

~Secily, Kate and the WG crew