Silverlake Lounge Love

For those that made it out to the Silverlake Lounge on Friday night, May 3rd, it was a contrast to the past gigs Winter Grain has played in L.A. thus far. For starters, never before had a Winter Grain crowd been exposed to the crafted talent of Elliott Klein playing on WG originals. His smooth, tasteful, electric guitar was the product of two focused practices and his unequivocal skills. He had been exciting Kate and Secily as the songs took on favorable transformation with every run-through, but the consummate professional only blossomed further on stage.

The Silverlake Lounge itself also offered a new, raw feel that could only be offered from the weathered end of Sunset Blvd. Don’t get us wrong, we loved Sainte Rocke and Hotel Cafe (who doesn’t). But in the long dark corridor of the Silverlake Lounge, crowned by the red velvet curtains of the stage, and flanked by mounted deer skulls; there was a grit to the room. It was a mood set by the lounge and a call answered by the tone that styled the music. It was less about round tones and flawless solos, and more about heel stomping and sincere performance.

As performers, it’s pretty easy to get burned out after a long night. There never seems to be enough water in the world that can refill the well of energy that was tapped on-stage sometimes. This was NOT one of those shows. It may be that we loved EVERYONE who showed up to this gig, or maybe it was how cozy the lounge felt at 1am, but we had a BLAST hanging out afterwards with all the amazing people that wanted to visit. The room felt warm. The conversations felt like chapters opening to new friendships. The energy was a-buzz, and we were smiling all the way home.

Thank you to T. Roy and SurgeEvents for hosting this event and for being a community advocate for local music. We had everything we needed to make the most out of this show, and as a direct result, we have a great night to remember.

We’d like to give another shout out to Zachary Shea, who gave us our best endorsement and review of the evening. Thank you for your support and classy fellowship Mr. Shea!

He wrote: “Guys guys guys… my friends @captainkatie80 and @sessafresh are SUPER GOOD and write their own music and perform and harmonize folk rock at a very high level of development and execution and they’re doing it right now at the @silverlakelounge and they just blew the other acts out of the water and you should make it to the next one so FOLLOW. THEM. #LAnight #seeashow #lawyerlife #supportthearts #GETINONTHISONEEARLY”