Sunday March 24th at Manhattan Beach Art Center

Check us out this Sunday at the Manhattan Beach Art Center, 6:00-9:00pm! We rarely get to play for such a long set so we are very excited to share with you some new arrangements. The Manhattan Beach Reporter has full details here. We are lucky to be the music to the backdrop of two amazing art exhibits.

Sunday, March 24


All ages!


Manhattan Beach Art Center, located at 1560 Manhattan Beach Blvd. in Manhattan Beach.

The Hotel Cafe debut we've been dreaming about!

EDIT: Purchase tickets HERE!

Hi Winter Grain friends! Happy New Year!

Our last few months of transition have been eventful and busy. We set our mind to a couple of immediate goals before we left and we are so happy to see them coming to fruition. We played at Saint Rocke (goal #1) a few weeks ago which was such a great way to meet new friends and spread our love of music. Another goal we set was playing at The Hotel Cafe and thanks to our friends Crimson Calamity we are sharing the stage with them and the fabulous Lara Gatling in a few short weeks.

Come join us Tuesday January 22nd for a night of acoustic guitar-driven music flavored with harmonies.

Crimson Calamity hail from Nashville and their music “embodies both sultry rock and traditional country aspects.” They really know how to make their shows come alive and we are so tickled to gig with them once again.

Lara Gatling is a Los Angeleno who fits the bill with her love of Brandi Carlile, The Dixie Chicks and Fleetwood Mac. Beth Hart said that Lara is "one of my favorite singers. I can see that she believes in herself and not many singers are able to portray that while performing.” We can’t wait to hear her lovely voice!

Once we have the ticket situation finalized we will post details. Until then just mark it in your calendars! <3


FareWell Salt Lake; Hello L.A.!

It’s been a busy few months for us in Winter Grain, but the dust has finally settled around our new California home and we’re pressing forward!

First and foremost, we have to give a shout out to all of our amazing friends in Salt Lake City. Before our big move to L.A., we had an ambitious list of things to do: yard sale everything we wouldn’t be taking with us, transfer over old jobs into new, transfer Kate into the CA National Guard, plan a fare-well show, sell the truck, buy an environmentally friendly car, have a going-away-party, and (of course) play our final show in town the night before we pull away in a moving truck. Did we mention it was ambitious? It kinda’ felt like that time when you were 8 years old, thinking you could juggle a triple-scoop cone of ice cream, a boom-box, and glow sticks on strings while dancing on roller skates at Roller Kingdom… all epic memories start with ambition! We couldn’t have done it all without the help of our friends, so thank you all for your loving support! Some of our cherished memories include:

1) All the dinners we had with friends and family before we left. We adore our one-on-one time with people, so when we can all sit together and take in a meal away from the demands of life, we treasure it.

2) All the nature walks. Whether it was to walk off the food from out meal or to frolic with our favorite pups in the waters of Mill Creek Canyon, we loved all of our extra time spent in the Wasatch Mountains before we left. Not a moment was wasted.

3) The backyard BBQs. We had at least six of these that were all special in their own way and remain priceless in our memories. No matter the miles, we’ll always be Grill-friends!

4) The recordings. It turned into a labor of both love and preservation as we scrambled to record some quick music from an old project. Secily managed to work in some sweet time with long-time friend Steph Grundy to record songs before we left. If you’re a fan of 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover, stay tuned for the fruits of that labor ;)

5) Jams and garden concerts. There are memories we’ve made and players we’ve come to love that were honored in our hearts during the last few months in Salt Lake City. We managed to still have a few fire place sessions… a few low-lit backyards that needed to be serenaded… and a few flowers that lingered in the Autumn air that we wanted to sing into Winter with us. Each new experience left us more and more content that we love all of our musical friends, but that it was time for the next chapter.

We arrived in L.A. with our “love tanks” full! It had been a mad-dash at the end to get out of town, but we had a pair of loyal friends willing to make the drive with us and we simply overflowed with gratitude and joy! We look forward to sharing some of our stories from here in L.A., but before we let our excitement run away with us, we wanted to tip our hat to the kind souls in Salt Lake who helped us get this far. Moving is always a leap of faith (it seams). You can plan all you want, but it will always keep a surprise or two in store for you. We are so very grateful for the send-off we had that has made it an easy transition to L.A. life and has gifted a sweet perspective of appreciation for all the adventures we’ve had thus far. Thank you for spending your time with us.

The Fare: Behind the Lyrics

In case Single Ladies by Beyoncè isn't your favorite anthem for that time you almost proposed to the wrong person, here's an alternative for you. After a breakup from a long term relationship, the lyrics to this one came pretty easy. How nice would it be if love where simple? How nice if it was always a joy to make life flex around what your heart desired at the time? Without a doubt, it takes breakups... those wrecking balls... those compromises and sacrifices to make us see the depth and power of true love. It will feel at times that the fare for the ticket down this love-searching path, wasn't fair at all. And some times, it legitimately isn't fair that people get away with hate-crimes in the name of their broken heart, but we mean it when we say it: just know where you stand. Be kind. Don't lie. Don't steal. Be an adult and move on with your life with grace and respect.


I take it all back.
I don't want to live like that
With a diamond on your hand.

'Cause promises
And all those burning bridges
Are more-than riddled with chance.

No, the sigh of the gravel never pity'd that fall.
And the fare for the ticket isn't fair at all.
They're just tokens of the ruin that
That wrecking ball left you.

I envy how you smoke
The way that you can let it go
Once it was a part of you.

I think of the words, but choke
Too terrified to hope
When I know I've got no reason to.

No, the sigh of the gravel never pity'd that fall.
And the fare for the ticket isn't fair at all
They're just tokens of the ruin that
That wrecking ball left you.

No don't forget: it's all been done before.
Don't all those excuses suddenly feel so poor?
Take it lite on your pride
That the light in the dark
Never was the shore
Sent to guide you

I take it all back.
No, I don't want to love like that.
Go out and get it if you can.

But heed this advice:
There's compromise and there's sacrifice,
Just know where you stand.

'Cause, the sigh of the gravel never pity'd that fall.
And the fare for the ticket isn't fair at all.
They're just tokens of the ruin that
That wrecking ball left you.

Don't Force It: Behind the Lyrics

When this song was first released on a little EP to help us make our way on a West Coast tour, it was picked up and reviewed by the local rag as one of Salt Lake City's sexiest songs. It's a blunt song about just listening to your feeling and not overthinking a situation. Don't get wrapped up in how you look all the time. Don't try to force being cool. Don't let the voices of those bullies in Middle School creep back into your head when you hit the dance floor. Just be yourself. Relax. Be honest. Be kind. Don't deny how you feel, and when you feel inspired to take action, don't force it. As they say with a good hand at Poker: let it ride!


Don't force it.

Just let it ride.

And when you take it baby,

Mmmm hmmm, take your time.

No need to space it.

Accentuate the positive, let it live.

No, no, don't fake it baby.

You know I like it. Yeah I like it!

Can I double-dip and taste you twice?

No, don't force it.

License my hands.

Won't you let 'em go, let 'em roam?

Let 'em discover you inch by inch

Yeah they want you bad.

No, don't pace it.

We've got nothin' but time.

No, don't divide, don't hide what you want.

What's mine is yours; what's your is mine.

Oh honey, this could take all night.

Don't hide, don't divide what you want.

What's mine is yours; what's yours is mine.

Don't divide, don't hide what you want.

What's mine is yours; what's yours is mine.

Yours is mine. What's yours is mine.

Breaking Glass: Behind the Lyrics

We in Winter Grain are believers in the power of art and its ability to speak for itself. However, we also (as music fans) find value in knowing a little bit about the making of the art. Therefore, with a cautious stroke of the pen, we wanted to write down a little background behind our songs and fulfill a request that many of you have asked of us this past year: to post our lyrics. So without further ado, we give you Breaking Glass as the first in a series of blogs describing a little of the art behind our songs.

Breaking Glass came from an emotional place, rooted in Kate's time as a soldier. In the span of a decade, she had moved back and forth across the country from Michigan, to Alabama, to Nevada, and finally to Utah. Thus, the opening lyric was the first drop to seep through the dam when she wrote the lyrics to this song. She felt that strange yet familiar dichotomy of being the weak stranger in a new city, yet the strong soldier underneath; the accomplished scholar, with no street cred; the extrovert, surrounded by "Quiet" signs.

The ink met paper when she felt she might have to use her soldier strength to repel some un-wanted attention from an admirer. He couldn't understand her kindness for what it was: a simple desire for a friendly face and engaging conversation. She had to cut-off the friendship for fear that he couldn't get over his feelings, and she couldn't get past the anxiety of knowing she could really defend herself if she needed. She always felt like she was playing with fire. Then one day, upon reflecting on how fire extinguishers are often behind a pane of glass that says, "Break in case of emergency," she sat down and started writing.


The Highway ain't a home. Everybody comes. Everybody goes.

But I'm an old seed; I follow where that wind blows and float the river as she flows.

I'm a bon fire. I'm a live grenade. Only break this glass in case of emergency.

This is the final straw. This is the line in the sand. 

This is the click of a trigger. You better get out while you can.

Werewolves and Vampires: monsters are popular to hire.

Ooo! Lucky you! Let your wary eyes retire.

'Cause if I'm an angel I'm a liar.

No. You're martyrdom ain't welcome here.

Caught you in your lust when it should be fear.

No the faint of heart don't earn these tears.

No heart is born a stone; the walls around them we build they are our own.

Let me be clear. Leave me alone. No you don't want to make me change my tone.

'Cause I'm the blue wire in the atomic age.

And I told you only to break this glass in case it was an emergency.

And I'm a bon fire. I'm a live grenade.

And I told you only to break this glass in case it was an emergency.

This is the final straw. This is the line in the sand.

This is the click of a trigger. You better get out while you can.

Winter Grain Winter News!

Hi Winter Grain friends!  Thank you for the support as always.

1. Again, we are so happy to know amazing people like Mark Romney.  Not only did he design our website (he’s a freelancer so check him out if you need work done) but he’s also quite the talented singer-songwriter as well (Neverland Tourist is his stage moniker).  Thanks again Mark!!

2. Another amazing friend we have is Brian Bingham of The Backyard Revival.  He’s recorded and edited videos from both our SLUG localized and Pale Horse Sound shows.  You can find the SLUG videos here, here, here and here.  His band is having a huge show January 27th you don’t want to miss!

3. Tomorrow night we debut in Ogden at Funk n Dive (21 and older venue) with our friends Folk Hogan.  We are so excited for our “mini tour” with them that starts tomorrow and ends with one more gig Feb. 17th at Ice Haus in Murray (could a tour get any more mini?).  Thanks for letting us play with you guys!

4. We also have more shows on the horizon including Jan 19th in the Avenues SLC (very limited seating so message for details) and Pale Horse Sound Feb. 14 (yep! Valentine’s!) with Tiny Home.  This band is excellence in action.  We are incredibly excited!

5. Finally we want to thank EVERYone we have created with thus far:

**Tara Shupe played mandolin and fiddle on our EP and played with us for much of 2017.  We were so lucky to have her record with us and are excited to see what comes of her solo project.

**Melissa Collins played cello on our EP and has been able to join us for a majority of our gigs. Her melodic choices are stunning and we have been so grateful for her additions. 

**Rob Alvord plays bass with us and fronts the awesome band Fat Candice.  Catch one of his shows!

**Tim Mills makes beautiful cajons and gets to show them off when he plays with us.

**Katya Murafa was a guest violinist for our SLUG show.  She plays with the symphony locally and you can see her accompany belly dancers or play one of her amazing looping shows.

**Scott Klismith has been a friend for a while and we are so happy that he's joined us.  His voice is unmatched and he is a superb songwriter too.

**Ron Reich is our newest addition.  As the original drummer of local faves Mokie we are so excited to have a fuller sound starting tomorrow night in Ogden.

**Tim Neu is another multi instrumentalist in the band but focuses on guitar and vocals with us.  If you like metal then you'll like that he's in a budding new project that is loud, heavy, and really, really cool.

**Emmy and Frannie are two amazing Madeleine Choir School students who joined us for Craft Lake City last year and we are so proud to say we worked with them.  Catch one of their masses if you can...this school is unmatched.

~Secily, Kate and the WG crew

Palehorse Sound with Johnny Betts

Join us December 15 for a very special and intimate Winter Grain performance at Palehorse Sound.  This 50 capacity venue is a studio turned venue at times.  Joining us is Johnny Betts a local photographer and songwriter who exudes art in moving ways.  The shows at Palehorse have always been exemplary and we are so humbled to be asked to play.  Click on our Live link to purchase tickets as the show could very easily sell out.  It's all ages, $13 presale and starts at 7:30pm.  We love playing rowdy venues like Urban Lounge (thank you SLUG!) but we also really love being able to let you hear the songcraft in the subtle intricacies of harmonies and note-choice.  We have some very exciting news to announce so make sure you are there to be one of the first to hear!  

Follow us on Instagram @winter_grain_slc

As always, thank you SO very much for the support!

SLUG Localized and new website

Hi Winter Grain friends!  Tonight we are so excited to share the stage with both Mia Grace and The Hollering Pines at Urban Lounge (21+, free).  Doors at 8:00pm, show at 9:00pm.  We are filming it so come and add your beautiful self into the crowd.

We want to thank Mark Romney for the EXTRAORDINARY design work on our new website!!!  We apologize to anyone who visited before and got redirected to inappropriate sites -- we were hacked multiple times.  That being said take a look around.  We will be adding features and updating regularly.  Go check out for amazing design work and make sure you catch a show when he's in town.