FareWell Salt Lake; Hello L.A.!

It’s been a busy few months for us in Winter Grain, but the dust has finally settled around our new California home and we’re pressing forward!

First and foremost, we have to give a shout out to all of our amazing friends in Salt Lake City. Before our big move to L.A., we had an ambitious list of things to do: yard sale everything we wouldn’t be taking with us, transfer over old jobs into new, transfer Kate into the CA National Guard, plan a fare-well show, sell the truck, buy an environmentally friendly car, have a going-away-party, and (of course) play our final show in town the night before we pull away in a moving truck. Did we mention it was ambitious? It kinda’ felt like that time when you were 8 years old, thinking you could juggle a triple-scoop cone of ice cream, a boom-box, and glow sticks on strings while dancing on roller skates at Roller Kingdom… all epic memories start with ambition! We couldn’t have done it all without the help of our friends, so thank you all for your loving support! Some of our cherished memories include:

1) All the dinners we had with friends and family before we left. We adore our one-on-one time with people, so when we can all sit together and take in a meal away from the demands of life, we treasure it.

2) All the nature walks. Whether it was to walk off the food from out meal or to frolic with our favorite pups in the waters of Mill Creek Canyon, we loved all of our extra time spent in the Wasatch Mountains before we left. Not a moment was wasted.

3) The backyard BBQs. We had at least six of these that were all special in their own way and remain priceless in our memories. No matter the miles, we’ll always be Grill-friends!

4) The recordings. It turned into a labor of both love and preservation as we scrambled to record some quick music from an old project. Secily managed to work in some sweet time with long-time friend Steph Grundy to record songs before we left. If you’re a fan of 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover, stay tuned for the fruits of that labor ;)

5) Jams and garden concerts. There are memories we’ve made and players we’ve come to love that were honored in our hearts during the last few months in Salt Lake City. We managed to still have a few fire place sessions… a few low-lit backyards that needed to be serenaded… and a few flowers that lingered in the Autumn air that we wanted to sing into Winter with us. Each new experience left us more and more content that we love all of our musical friends, but that it was time for the next chapter.

We arrived in L.A. with our “love tanks” full! It had been a mad-dash at the end to get out of town, but we had a pair of loyal friends willing to make the drive with us and we simply overflowed with gratitude and joy! We look forward to sharing some of our stories from here in L.A., but before we let our excitement run away with us, we wanted to tip our hat to the kind souls in Salt Lake who helped us get this far. Moving is always a leap of faith (it seams). You can plan all you want, but it will always keep a surprise or two in store for you. We are so very grateful for the send-off we had that has made it an easy transition to L.A. life and has gifted a sweet perspective of appreciation for all the adventures we’ve had thus far. Thank you for spending your time with us.